Unsupervised Thinking
a podcast about neuroscience, artificial intelligence and science more broadly

Podcast Episodes

Episode 51: Motor Control

Episode 50: Brain Organoids

Episode 49: How Important is Learning?

Episode 48: Understanding the Brain in Light of Evolution

Episode 47: Deep Learning to Understand the Brain

Episode 46: What We Learn from Model Organisms

Episode 45: How Working Memory Works

Episode 44: Can a Biologist Fix a Radio?

Episode 43: What Are Glia Up To?

Episode 42: Learning Rules, Biological vs. Artificial

Episode 41: Training and Diversity in Computational Neuroscience (at the IBRO-Simons Imbizo)

Episode 40: Global Science

Episode 39: What Does the Cerebellum Do?

Episode 38: Reinforcement Learning - Biological & Artificial

Episode 37: What is an Explanation? - Part 2

Episode 36: What is an Explanation? - Part 1

Episode 35: Generative Models

Episode 34: The Gut-Brain Connection

Episode 33: Predictive Coding

Episode 32: How Do We Study Behavior?

Episode 31: Consuming Science (with Cosyne Interviews)

Episode 30: The Neuroscience of Sleep

Episode 29: The Neuron Doctrine - Then & Now

Episode 28: Past, Present, & Future of Neuroscience

Episode 27: The Concept of Coding - Part 2

Episode 26: The Concept of Coding - Part 1

Episode 25: What Can Eye Movements Tell Us About The Mind?

Episode 24: Social Neuroscience Research

Episode 23: What Can Neuroscience Say About Consciousness?

Episode 22: Underdeterminacy & Neural Circuits

Episode 21: Understanding fMRI

Episode 20: Studies on the State of Science 

Episode 19: Gender Science 

Episode 18: Does Neuroscience Need More Behavior?

Episode 17: Ethics of AI

Episode 16: Gender, Biology, and Society

Episode 15: "Just-So" Stories of Bayesian Modeling in Psychology

Episode 14: Computational Psychiatry 

Episode 13: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics

Episode 12: Brain Freezing & Cooling

Episode 11: The Connectome

Episode 10: Brain Size

Episode 9: Patenting Science

Episode 8: Neuroscience vs. Psychology

Episode 7: Optogenetics

Episode 6: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Episode 5: Neural Oscillations

Episode 4: Deep Learning

Episode 3: Neuromorphic Computing

Episode 2: Brain-Computer Interface

Episode 1: Blue Brain/Human Brain Project

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